Welcome to Indigenous Caribbean

The space is for the Indigenous, both Amerindigenous and Afroindigenous, Peoples. Our histories and continuation. Cultures that have preceded and superseded invasion. Focusing on centering the voices of Indigenous peoples, on giving a platform for conversations and storytelling, supporting community based and run projects, this is the goal for this website and space.

You can support me on Patreon or donate to either my cash.me or paypal as I focus on current projects!

Monthly donations and patrons help me create public content like:

  • Expand my commentary to blog posts
  • Recommendations of movies and books centering Indigenous peoples of Latin America & the Caribbean
  • Create both modern and historically accurate illustrations and artwork depicting Taino and other Caribbean ancestors
  • Interviewing leaders, community members, project runners from different communities and cultures of the Caribbean, providing and platform for their voices.
  • Documentaries and educational animations about the Taino nation's history and modernity.
  • Podcast on Taino history.
  • Help elders and community leaders continue to expand and create an educational space about Taino People on Tainon.org

While patrons receive private content like:

  • Opportunities for conversations, Q&As
  • Personal artwork and craft work
  • Podcast talking about different topics and news of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Behind the scenes on the animations and opportunity to own pieces of my artwork
  • Taking my recommendations and create in-depth analysis and commentary on books and movies centering Indigenous peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean

This takes a lot of work and I have been blessed to be surrounded by strong community leaders, women and non-men, who have raised me, taught me, and guide me in life. And I as help create a space, not just for Taino people but Indigenous communities across the Caribbean, I want to be able to focus completely on these projects and help pay every person who collaborates with me or I interview. 

Consider donating or becoming a monthly Patron and help create an Indigenous Caribbean platform! 

-Keyla @CaribeIndigena