About This Project // Sobre Este Proyecto

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[Image: a 5 year old Keyla standing on the balcony of her home overlooking her community in Bürekün/Puerto Rico.]

Welcome to Caribe Indígena, a space that centers the histories and continuation of Indigenous (particularly Afroindigenous) peoples of the Caribbean. I work to combat colonial propaganda and saturation in academic, educational, and general public spaces that has dismissed, erased, and continue these colonial projects on our lands by giving a platform for communities to tell their stories.

My name is Keyla, a storyteller, artist, and weaver of the Sibano community of the Taíno nation, on the island of Bürekün, known by the colonial name Puerto Rico.

My public work over the years includes the (now defunct and archived) blogs Indigenous-Caribbean and Opielguobiran, years of conversations on twitter (previously @Opielguobiran@CaribeIndigena, my website Caribeindigena.com, and contributions to Tainon.org. I have worked diligently to bring conversations about the continuation of Taíno people, histories and current realities of mestizaje, erasure of Indigenous peoples, and the nuances of Latin American and Caribbean contexts to many online and offline spaces and conversations. This includes correcting academic and public misunderstandings that is saturating educational and general spaces.

Using multiple artistic mediums and tools at my disposal including traditional art and hand crafted work, animation, documentary style videos, podcasts, interviews, and blog posts, I'm creating and curating Indigenous made and centered content, that focuses on the narratives of Indigenous and descendant communities and allows us to share our stories while supporting community projects.

Taíno communities are working on creating an accessible and digital space handled and led by our elders, leaders, and historians. We are combatting colonial myths by educating descendants on our worldview. Contributions from patreon will also go to Tainon.org, helping us interview elders and leaders as we continue to create an educational space.

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Thank you for reading,

Keyla (formerly @Opielguobiran) @CaribeIndígena.